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Warning related to number of processing coresC K12017-09-14 15:03
compiling problems on Arch LinuxNobody12017-03-15 16:39
Singular system detectionNicolas Roussouly12017-03-15 15:17
Multithreaded Pastix inside PETScDESIRE NUENTSA WAKAM122009-11-12 10:30
anyone has performance comparison with other solvers?Nobody02016-11-23 21:45
Multiple right hand sides in parallelMarc Durufle22016-10-10 13:31
Solve with L or L^T (and multiply with L) in parallelMarc Durufle22016-10-10 13:29
compilation problem on ubuntu 16.04Nobody12016-08-02 09:12
Product with L or transpose of L for a Cholesky factorizationMarc Durufle02015-09-16 14:24
Possible to solve system Lx=b?Nobody142015-06-23 15:53
How to get the D in LDL' after factorizationShaojun Fu42015-05-25 00:54
Prebuild on WindowsNobody02015-02-04 10:28
Is there any instruction to build PaStiX in Windows?Nobody12014-09-22 07:37
MPI + threadsNobody62014-08-27 15:03
Solver errorSerban Georgescu102014-08-22 10:00
Bug in PETSc driverSerban Georgescu22014-08-20 15:23
symmetric indefinite systemsNobody12014-06-23 07:38
Very ill-conditioned symmetric positive definite systemsGuo Luo52013-07-19 14:38
Using IPARM_DOF_NBRGarth Wells42013-03-20 10:11
u_int64_t should be uint64_t Garth Wells32013-02-08 14:52
Memory leak in csc_checksym (csc_utils.c)Nobody32013-01-11 19:55
Distributed Matrix Input when Matrix is in Row Compressed FormatBenedikt Oswald12012-08-10 12:07
Does MURGE_SetRHS work?Garth Wells22012-07-05 13:10
pastix.h include guards are brokenGarth Wells22012-06-19 11:52
struct definitions in pastix.h cause linker errors for C++Garth Wells02012-06-16 09:42
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