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Forum: Kermeta 1.3.0 is released !

Posted by: Didier Vojtisek
Date: 2009-03-09 21:41
Summary: Kermeta 1.3.0 is released !
Project: Kermeta


Kermeta 1.3.0 is released. It contains the first version of the long awaited compiler ...
Currently available via the update site (www.kermeta.org/update) we'll let you know when the bundles will be available too.

Here is an extract of the change list (see http://www.kermeta.org/update/history.html for the full history)
New features

* A compiler for your kermeta code. Still experimental in this version, it generates all the java code to be run with EMF. You can deploy the resulting code in your product without installing kermeta in your product. Preliminary tests have shown x35 to x50 speed up compared to the interpreted mode. However, some feature of kermeta are still not supported by the compiler (see the current limitations : http://www.kermeta.org/community/dev/compilerCompilingIssues )
* Kompose is now part of Kermeta update site : it allows to define a specialization to compose your model. Currently, it is bundled with the following sample specialization : Ecore and rdbschema.
* Singleton pattern with Kermeta (feature request #7228). Thanks to Kermeta aspects, you can now use a pseudo singleton in your kermeta code. Be sure to use it only when there is no better design.
* Date manipulation. (Feature request #7240)
* Possibility to register an ecore file directly from Kermeta. ( feature request #6810). It uses a safe way to register, if the nsUri is already registered form a plugin it will do nothing.

Improved features

* Ket now supports kermeta aspect. You can customize the name of the "generate" operation and weave it into an existing class. (see Feature request #6976)
* Better support for invariants : An attribute has been added to the exception InvariantViolated that point to the invariant itself. This allows analysis of the invariant for feedback to the end-user. (this part of Feature request #1120)
* New MDK dedicated to manipulating kermeta models. All special helpers and functions are now gathered in this MDK rather that put into the framework.
* Improved navigability from the outline (Feature request #5685)
* kpm preferences now allow to exclude projects and folder (feature request #6647)

and many other bug fixes (plus probably some other enhancements we've forgotten to list ;-) )

older releases are still available in the site backup (www.kermeta.org/update/v1.2.0 http://www.kermeta.org/update/v1.1.0 and so on ...)

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