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Forum: OpenAlea 0.6 release

Posted by: Thomas Cokelaer
Date: 2009-01-30 11:08
Summary: OpenAlea 0.6 release
Project: OpenAlea


Dear all,

Openalea release 0.6 is now available at the OpenAlea page:


This release includes the components of three projects:
* OpenAlea - Component framework and visual programming.
* Alinea - Simulation of ecophysiological and agronomic processes.
* VPlants - Analysis, modeling and simulation of plant architecture and its development at different scales

This release provides early access to new modules, features and fixes
scheduled for release in OpenAlea 1.0.


- Please remove your old configuration file (openalea.cfg) before
installing OpenAlea (e.g. ~/.openalea/openalea.cfg under Linux,
or C:\Documents and Settings\pradal\.openalea\openalea.cfg on Windows).


Here is a short description of important changes since the 0.4 release.
This release is available on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

* Non-root installation,
* Control flow implementation (map, while, ...),
* Update of developer and user documentation
* 'catalog' module has been restructured into 'stdlib'
* Update the tutorial and demonstrations
* And lots of bug fixes and improvements.

* Caribu - Modeling suite for lighting 3D virtual scenes.
* Adel - A 3D architectural and process-based model of maize and
wheat development.
* Topvine - Simulation of vine canopy structure.

* PlantGL - Graphic toolkit for the creation, simulation and
analysis of 3D virtual plants.
* Aml - Exploration analysis and reconstruction of plant

* Fractalysis - Multiscale framework for modeling and analyzing
light interception.
* WeberPenn - Geometric tree generation based on allometric rules.

Several Demos are accessible from Visualea. See

A version of this release note is also available on the wiki page :

Thanks to Jessica Bertheloot, Frederic Boudon, Jérôme Chopard, Thomas
Cokelaer, Florence Chaubert, Michael Chelle, David Da Silva, Samuel
Dufour-Kowalski, Jean-Baptiste Durand, Romain Fernandez, Pascal Ferraro,
Christian Fournier, Anne-Laure Gaillard, Christophe Godin, Yann Guédon,
Aïda Ouangrouaou, Szymon Stoma for their contributions to this release
and many others for their supports, encouragements or participation to
the sprints.

On behalf of the OpenAlea team,

Thomas and Christophe
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