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Forum: Polyphemus 1.3 is out!

Posted by: Pierre Tran
Date: 2008-06-10 14:58
Summary: Polyphemus 1.3 is out!
Project: Polyphemus


We are pleased to announce the release of Polyphemus 1.3.

Polyphemus is an air quality modeling system with several models, from local to continental scales, for various pollutants (radionuclides, photochemistry, aerosols). Polyphemus offers advanced methods, implemented independently from the models, for ensemble forecasting, data assimilation, coupling of models, etc.

Since version 1.2 (October 2007), over 200 improvements have been introduced in the system. Among them, Polyphemus 1.3 benefits from:
- a program for computing several aerosol optical parameters (including optical depth);
- many new ensemble methods (sequential aggregation);
- an organic aerosol module based on AEC model;
- strong improvements in the Gaussian models and their coupling with Eulerian models.

Along with the source code itself, Polyphemus 1.3 is released with
- an updated user's guide (170 pages);
- three test cases (two Eulerian and one Gaussian);
- eight training sessions on photochemistry, aerosols, local scale, data assimilation, ensemble forecasting and radionuclides.

In order to get more information on the new release or on Polyphemus, please consult the system web site: http://cerea.enpc.fr/polyphemus/

You may also find useful information in Polyphemus reference paper (describing version 1.1 and several applications): http://www.atmos-chem-phys-discuss.net/7/6459/2007/acpd-7-6459-2007.html

Best regards,
Polyphemus development team.
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