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Forum: Tom-2.6rc2 is out

Posted by: Pierre-Etienne Moreau
Date: 2008-04-09 10:14
Summary: Tom-2.6rc2 is out
Project: Tom


- the left-handside of a rule supports the matching-constraint
notation (p << t), as well as any combination of conjunction (&&) and disjunction (||)
- algebraic rules (lhs -> rhs) can now have any conjunction or disjunction of conditions
- %match and %strategy offer a new notation for simple rules (pattern -> term instead of pattern -> { return `term; })
- the double-dispathing mechanism of the strategy library has been replaced by a simpler dispatching approach, making the use of strategies simpler when Gom is not used
- a new tool (GomAntlrAdapter) makes simpler the connection between AST produced by Antlr and Gom, making the use of pattern matching and strategies directly available on these trees
- Tom can inline the mapping defined using %typeterm and %op, making the generated code smaller and faster
- Lists generated by Gom implement the Collection interface
- Term-graph rewriting support in Gom
- several speed-ups of the compilation process as well as for the generated code.

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