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bug when define both AGRIF and WET_DRYyuwu jiang16 days ago
WKB model in nested grids ERRORgino rivano06 days ago
latT, latU, latV, lonT, lonU, and lonV in mercator_NNNN.cdfAkihito Kameya16 days ago
Problem of output plotratnesh singh01 week ago
Compilation_Erros_OPENMP_MPIBéchir Béjaoui133 weeks ago
Interannual Run SuspendZhao Peng32018-12-21 09:19
Defining river ABU BAKAR SIDDKE12018-12-20 20:29
'date' of the global attributesAkihito Kameya32018-12-20 08:49
make_OGCMBéchir Béjaoui02018-12-17 10:48
Segmentation fault problemangelo lemos32018-12-14 15:34
new project Levy Rue 02018-12-12 08:16
run time errorratnesh singh12018-12-11 11:56
transport fuctioncamila de mello02018-11-01 13:21
right_url_for_OGCMarief wibowo12018-10-23 16:39
How to use WKB model? Forcing variables Awave, Dwave and Pwave.gino rivano12018-10-23 16:37
how to change the mixing coefficinets due to internal waves in LMD mixingJay Jay02018-10-03 15:14
error in interannual forcingratnesh singh02018-09-18 10:40
MAke_OGCM.m doesn't workarief wibowo02018-09-13 07:09
ECCO URL doesn't Workarief wibowo02018-09-10 07:28
make_OGCM.m problemarief wibowo62018-09-10 06:25
interannual simulationsZineb EL OUEHABI52018-09-04 15:23
bottom drag in Crococamila de mello02018-09-02 17:03
converting sigma-level variables to z-level variables Jay Jay12018-08-08 15:36
the problem of nested resultGang Li02018-08-08 11:21
blow up near boundary using nestGang Li02018-08-07 04:25
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