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Forum: JFresnel 0.1.2 released

Posted by: Emmanuel Pietriga
Date: 2007-11-25 07:56
Summary: JFresnel 0.1.2 released
Project: JFresnel


JFresnel v0.1.2, a Fresnel library in Java, has been released

JFresnel is not a Fresnel-aware Semantic Web browser. It is an API that application developers who wish to support Fresnel can use:
- to parse Fresnel lenses, formats and groups expressed in RDF and make them into Java objects
- to use these lens and format objects to get data from RDF models and apply formatting instructions to that data.

It is then up to the application to transform this data into
something that can be displayed on screen, or conveyed through any other medium.

This new version can output results using the Fresnel Display Language. Thanks for John Recker for this contribution. Another major change in this release is that JFresnel has been modularized and is now managed via Maven. More details about changes and how to get the modules from
our Maven repository available at [1,2].

[1] http://jfresnel.gforge.inria.fr/news.html#n20071112
[2] http://jfresnel.gforge.inria.fr/doc/install.html


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