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Forum: SimGrid 3.0 is out

Posted by: Arnaud Legrand
Date: 2005-08-23 15:03
Summary: SimGrid 3.0 is out
Project: SimGrid



We think it's the good time to make a release now. SimGrid's API is stable
and we won't be that much available in the next weeks. So here is SimGrid
new generation 3.0. :) For those of you who have been using the latest
versions of SimGrid (2.9x series) there are not that much differences. For
the other ones, here are the main differences with SimGrid 2:

* the replacement of SG with SURF, which is not to be used by end-users
and is much more efficient than SG. All input files are now written in
XML to ease the evolution of the different SimGrid modules.
* many small enhancements of MSG.
* GRAS: a programming environment to develop real distributed application
for large-scale heterogeneous platforms. The main strength of GRAS is
to enable the same application to run as well in real life as on top of
a simulator (through the use of dynamic and automatic benchmarking).

We hope you'll like it.


the SimGrid team
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