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Forum: new version of Kermeta released (v0.0.13)

Posted by: Didier Vojtisek
Date: 2005-07-24 06:41
Summary: new version of Kermeta released (v0.0.13)
Project: Kermeta


A new version of KerMeta workbench is available for download or update (using Eclipse update).

Changes from 0.0.12
New features
* load of model instances stored in xmi into kermeta.
* kermeta2ecore transformation (kermeta bodies are stored in annotations)
* km2kermeta, km2ecore transformations

* ecore2kermeta uses a wizard to allow control on some simple quick fixes done during the transformation.
* better error reporting on all xxx2yyy transformations.

Bug fixed
* #92; Kermeta Files always created in the root directory of the project
* #95; Some images don't appear in the generated documentation (wmf images in metamodel doc)
* #100; The button "Create new K. File" does not do anything
* #103; the selection is not taken into account when creating a new kermeta file with the wizard
* #105; compile 2 XMI fails
* #117; Method Hashatable.get in the framework
Latest News

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Kermeta 2 is coming soon !

Didier Vojtisek - 2012-02-24 07:30 -
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