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Forum: New version of SimGrid (2.95)

Posted by: Arnaud Legrand
Date: 2005-07-04 07:08
Summary: New version of SimGrid (2.95)
Project: SimGrid


A new version of SimGrid is available. As usual, it is available from the
official website:


Before giving you the changelog let me give you a summary of the main

* Portability: our configure test to detect context was broken on some
machines. By looking more carefully at it we have realize that on some
systems (with the same API) the stack was sometimes taken in opposite
directions and sometimes was even weirdly aligned. We have stolen some
nice code to GNU pth (it was LGPL, cool :) to fix context detection and
usage. Now here is what we get:

vaughan.debian.org mipsel-unknown-linux-gnu oK

basalt.cs.ucsb.edu i686-pc-linux-gnu ok
graal.ens-lyon.fr i686-pc-linux-gnu ok
pergolesi.debian.org x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu ok

merulo.debian.org ia64-unknown-linux-gnu ok
veloce.inria.fr alphaev67-unknown-linux-gnu off?

ange.loria.fr mips-sgi-irix6.5 ok
allo-psmn.ens-lyon.fr sparc-sun-solaris2.8 ok
nala.cs.utk.edu sparc-sun-solaris2.8 ok
paer.debian.org hppa64-unknown-linux-gnu off?
sperm.cs.ucsb.edu sparc64-unknown-linux-gnu ok
valnure.cs.ucsb.edu powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu ok

AIX powerpc-ibm-aix5.2.0.0 ok with xlC, not gcc
io powerpc-ibm-aix5.1.0.0 ok with xlC, not gcc
zeus powerpc-ibm-aix5.2.0.0 ok with xlC, not gcc

crest.debian.org m68k-unknown-linux-gnu ok

G5 powerpc-apple-darwin7.5.0 DEAD

[thanks to people providing us access to those machines]

So beside machines that were turned off and machines on which gcc is
known to be broken (in which case it is better to use the native compiler
even if the configure's first choice is gcc), make check works out of the
box on all systems we have tried. If you ever find a machine where it
doesn't work, please tell us.

SimGrid is known to fail on Windows operating system and ARM processors.
For the first one, we are rather close, but miss the needed expertise.
If you could help, it'd be great.

* Performances:
First of all, the SURF leaks preventing to do long simulations are gone.

Then, there is no more active polling in GRAS. This reduced the number of
calls to MSG by a 10 factor and reduced the calls to SURF by a 2 factor.
In other words, most work that was previously done with active polling in
MSG is now done in SURF in a much more efficient way. Concerning
wall-clock time, it leads to a speedup of two. We were able to simulate
5 hosts participating to a token-ring during 1137.81 simulated seconds in
23 [real] seconds (the token got exchanged 499,999 times).

We have tons of ideas to improve further the performance, but this is
already quite a neat speadup, isn't it?

Oh, one last thing for those of you who wouldn't know what GRAS is yet.
GRAS enables you to develop a real application that can work on a real
system as well as on the simulator (in which case the program is run for
real on a virtual emulated platform and is benchmarked on the fly to
report the corresponding amount of work in the simulator).

* AMOK: the Advanced Metacomputing Overlay Kit is a new SimGrid module. It
may be seen as an advanced toolbox for applications built on top of GRAS,
providing a set of neat features needed by most GRAS applications but still
not belonging to GRAS itself. At longer term, we plan to change it to a
set of dynamically loadable modules (plugins).
The first module (bandwidth) allows application to retrieve the bandwidth
between two arbitrary hosts, provided that they run a GRAS process.

The development of the next version already begun. It may well be the last
beta release before the long eagerly awaited SimGrid 3. Make sure to
subscribe to simgrid-devel at lists.gforge.inria.fr to get involved and join
the party ;)

Enjoy! Cheers,

the SimGrid team
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