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Forum: Scotch 6.1.0 is out!

Posted by: Francois PELLEGRINI
Date: 2020-09-06 19:41
Summary: Scotch 6.1.0 is out!
Project: Scotch


The change in release number reflects a change in behavior of the software, regarding two features :

- Algorithms for sparse matrix reordering now fully take into account vertex weights. While the previous versions only accounted for them in the nested dissection method to compute and optimize separator size/weight, they are now also accounted for in the minimum degree and minimum fill algorithms. Consequently, vertex amalgamation can be tuned so that the size of (column-)blocks is tailored according to the real amount of computation to be performed on supervariables. The esmumps interface with MUMPS has been updated so as to take into account this new feature.

- The routines of the vertex graph partitioning (with overlap) module have been redesigned, leading to much smaller run time and, most often, higher quality.
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