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Forum: Annoucement: Scheduled INRIA Forge end of life

Posted by: Matthieu Imbert
Date: 2020-06-12 08:35
Summary: Annoucement: Scheduled INRIA Forge end of life
Project: Site Admin


Dear INRIA Forge user,

The INRIA Forge [1] has reached its end of life. The DGDI and DSI have
carefully decided that the INRIA Forge has to be deprecated and
retired in favor of the INRIA Gitlab alternative [2]. (This decision
follows the final recommendations of the "forge 2" working group).

The retirement plan will proceed as follows:

- Immediately: The creation of new projects on the INRIA Forge is

- At the end of December 2020: The INRIA Forge will be shutdown.

It means that you need to migrate all your active projects to another
software development platform by end of 2020. The INRIA Gitlab is the
recommended alternative. It provides git hosting, and a set of modern
tools for collaborative development. Should you absolutely need
subversion or specific INRIA forge tools which have no equivalent on
gitlab, please contact us: we'll point to alternatives.

The migration of projects from forge to gitlab may involve several
project tools. As project administrators / users, you need to
coordinate to decide *when* and *how* to perform these
migrations. It's also up to you to decide *what* exactly needs to be
migrated, you may not need to keep everything.

Please take a look at the migration FAQ [3] which tries to give
project administrators some help for the migration.


[1] - https://gforge.inria.fr

[2] - https://gitlab.inria.fr

[3] - https://gitlab.inria.fr/siteadmin/doc/-/wikis/Forge-to-Gitlab-migration-FAQ

The INRIA DGDI, DSI, and Forge support team.
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