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Forum: execo release 2.6

Posted by: Matthieu Imbert
Date: 2016-10-05 13:47
Summary: execo release 2.6
Project: execo


Dear current or future execo happy users,

We're happy to announce release 2.6 of the execo toolbox [1].


- Compatible with python 2.6, 2.7, >3.2. A few API have changed due to this major improvement.

- Major optimization of Process output handling when dealing with outputs with lots of lines

- execo_g5k.topology: fix lack of discrimination of links between different interfaces of a node and different linecards of a single network equip

- execo_g5k: use smt_size instead of nb_cores to accomodate the change in g5k api

- execo_g5k.api_utils: add get_hosts_metric() and remove get_g5k_measures()

- execo_g5k.api_utils: get_oar_job_kavlan() now returns a list

- execo_g5k api_utils add set_nodes_vlan

- misc bugfixes and improvements

Execo offers a Python API to manage unix processes execution. It is
well suited for quick and easy creation of reproducible experiments on
distributed hosts. It is a huge improvement over using shell script
for experiment development.

It offers:

- Asynchronous control of local and remote unix processes.

- Efficient and scalable execution (transparent usage of Taktuk).

- Interaction with Grid'5000 resources (planning, submission,
deployment, API, network topology).

- Tools for rapid development of reproducible experiments.

Have a look to the examples in [2] for more details.

Matthieu Imbert, Laurent Pouilloux

[1] http://execo.gforge.inria.fr

[2] http://execo.gforge.inria.fr/doc/latest-stable/userguide.html
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