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Forum: SimGrid 3.13 released

Posted by: Martin Quinson
Date: 2016-04-28 15:33
Summary: SimGrid 3.13 released
Project: SimGrid


Dear SimGrid users,

I'm delighted to announce the latest release of SimGrid, in which we worked hard to clean our code base and examples, to prepare the future evolutions. The most important changes are documented below, while the ChangeLog contains more information.

* Download information

- Source: https://gforge.inria.fr/frs/download.php/file/35817/SimGrid-3.13.tar.gz
- Jar binary: https://gforge.inria.fr/frs/download.php/file/35818/simgrid.jar
(this is enough for Java users on Linux, Mac OSX, Windows or FreeBSD)
- Debian packages are uploaded and should be available soon.
Ubuntu packages will follow later.

* This is the "Zealous Easter Trim" release:

- Half of the lines of code are gone.
- v3.12: 286k lines; v3.13: 142k lines (+ comments)
- Experimental untested unused "features" removed
- We rewrote several parts in C++ instead of C

- Introducing v4 of the XML platform format
- Many long-due cleanups (details in the Changelog)

- MSG examples fully reorganized (in C and Java)

- The S4U interface is rising, toward SimGrid 4
- All host manipulations now done in S4U
- SimDag was mostly rewritten on top of S4U
- MSG & SimDag interfaces mostly unchanged

* Some statistics about this release

- v3.13 took 6 months and almost 2500 commits
v3.12 took 16 months and almost 2000 commits
- v3.13 changed 2721 files (181674 insertions, 393073 deletions)
v3.12 changed 2302 files (193572 insertions, 129781 deletions)

Please enjoy this new release, and have a nice and productive day.

Bye, Mt.
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