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Forum: CGAL 4.7 Beta 2 Released

Posted by: Laurent Rineau (admin)
Date: 2015-09-21 13:00
Summary: CGAL 4.7 Beta 2 Released
Project: CGAL


The CGAL Open Source Project is pleased to announce the release 4.7 Beta 2
of CGAL, the Computational Geometry Algorithms Library.

CGAL version 4.7 Beta 2 is a public testing release. It should provide
a solid ground to report bugs that need to be tackled before the
release of the final version of CGAL 4.7 in October.

That is the second "beta" release for CGAL-4.7. The reason is that the
switches from Qt4 to Qt5, and from OpenGL 1 to modern OpenGL with shaders,
were not as smooth as we hopped. A lot of bugs have been fixed in the Qt5
demos since CGAL-4.7-beta1.

You can find the detailed description of all changes here on Github:


As a reminder, you can find below the major changes since CGAL 4.6:

o Installation

- The minimum required version of CMake is now 2.8.11. CMake versions
3.1, 3.2, and 3.3 are supported.

- All Qt4 demos have been updated and now require Qt5 to be
compiled. Qt5 version 5.3 or higher is required. The support for Qt4
is dropped. The code of the 3D demos now use modern OpenGL, with
shaders, instead of the fixed pipeline API of OpenGL-1.

- The Microsoft Windows Visual C++ compiler 2015 (VC14) is now
supported. However, since this compiler is not officially supported
by Intel TBB 4.4 and Qt 5.5 (the latest versions available at the
time of this release), the parallelism features of CGAL and Qt5 demos
will not work.

o Advancing Front Surface Reconstruction (new package)

This package provides a greedy algorithm for surface reconstruction
from an unorganized point set. Starting from a seed facet, a piecewise
linear surface is grown by adding Delaunay triangles one by one. The
most plausible triangles are added first, in a way that avoids the
appearance of topological singularities.

o Triangulated Surface Mesh Shortest Paths (new package)

The package provides methods for computing shortest path on
triangulated surface meshes. Given a set of source points on the
surface, this package provides a data structure that can efficiently
provides the shortest path from any point on the surface to the sources
points. There is no restriction on the genus or the number of
connnected components of the mesh.

o Triangulated Surface Mesh Skeletonization (new package)

This package provides a (1D) curve skeleton extraction algorithm for a
triangulated polygonal mesh without borders based on the mean curvature
flow. The particularity of this skeleton is that it captures the
topology of the input. For each skeleton vertex one can obtain its
location and its corresponding vertices from the input mesh. The code
is generic and works with any model of the `FaceListGraph` concept.

o Polygon Mesh Processing (new package)

This package implements a collection of methods and classes for polygon
mesh processing, ranging from basic operations on simplices, to complex
geometry processing algorithms. The implementation of this package
mainly follows algorithms and references given in Botsch et al.'s book
on polygon mesh processing.

o 3D Point-Set Shape Detection (new package)

This package implements the efficient RANSAC method for shape
detection, contributed by Schnabel et al. From an unstructured point
set with unoriented normals, the algorithm detects a set of
shapes. Five types of primitive shapes are provided by this package:
plane, sphere, cylinder, cone and torus. Detecting other types of
shapes is possible by implementing a class derived from a base shape.

o L Infinity Segment Delaunay Graphs (new package)

The package provides the geometric traits for constructing the segment
Delaunay graph in the max-norm (L Infinity). The traits also contain
methods to draw the edges of the dual of the segment Delaunay graph in
the max-norm i.e., the segment Voronoi diagram in the max-norm. The
algorithm and traits rely on the segment Delaunay graph algorithm and
traits under the Euclidean distance. The segment Voronoi diagram in the
max-norm has applications in VLSI CAD.

o 2D Visibility (new package)

This package provides several variants to compute the visibility area
of a point within polygonal regions in two dimensions.

See http://www.cgal.org/releases.html for a complete list of changes.
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