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Forum: execo release 2.5

Posted by: Matthieu Imbert
Date: 2015-09-03 08:17
Summary: execo release 2.5
Project: execo


We're happy to announce release 2.5 of the execo toolbox [1] !

- User-friendly way to write to processes stdin. Processes and Remotes can be used as file-like objects. Additionally, process stdin is not anymore closed by default.
- Automatic ignoring of process errors when explicitly killing them
- Add processes and actions context managers
- Add special processes and actions for communicating with local or remote (through ssh) serial ports
- Add expect-like syntax to processes and actions (for easy scripting of interactive local/remote/serial sessions)
- The return of the revenge of the infamous keyword arguments
- On-disk caching of most of the g5k api, for fast api requests
- Add multigraph support to g5k topology
- Add handling of g5k network equipments in api_utils
- Internal taktuk interface bugfixes
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