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Forum: Release 6.0.1 of Scotch is out !

Posted by: Francois PELLEGRINI
Date: 2014-09-20 20:36
Summary: Release 6.0.1 of Scotch is out !
Project: Scotch


Almost two years after the release of the 6.0.0 branch, revision 6.0.1 has been released. While it is technically a bugfix release, with no apparent new features, much has changed "under the hood". # Algorithms for repartitioning and (re)partitioning with fixed vertices have been improved. # Multithreading issues have been solved. # From now on, there is no separate "*_esmumps" version. The additional libraries for MUMPS can be generated by running "make esmumps" for the sequential libraries and "make ptesmumps" for the parallel libraries.
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