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Forum: Siconos 3.7.0 is released

Posted by: Maurice Bremond
Date: 2014-07-16 16:57
Summary: Siconos 3.7.0 is released
Project: Siconos


Dear Siconos users,

Siconos 3.7.0 is available.

Sources tarballs can be downloaded at https://gforge.inria.fr/frs/?group_id=9.

From a user perspective, the novelties are:

- The xml constructors have been removed from the Kernel code and the
XML schema has been updated. It is still possible to use xml files
to start a simulation, this time using the Python bindings. See
Front-End/src/swig/Siconos/tests/test_xml.py for examples.

- There is also a new documentation for the Python bindings, available
at http://siconos.gforge.inria.fr/FrontEnd/html/ . The python
bindings are intended as a simple way to define and run simulations,
as in MATLAB or scilab.

- Siconos can now be compiled with Visual Studio 2010. We are expecting
to provide binaries in the following weeks. Those are produced in a
cross-compilation fashion (e.g. from a Linux machine). Native
compilation has still to be tested.

- A new module IO provides save and load functionalities for an entire
simulation. It is also used by the Front-End interface when Bullet
collision detection is involved.

The main changes in the code are (non exhaustive list):

* add generic Newton-based with linesearch solvers for MCP and NCP
* rework LCP Solvers: fix some of them (FB and min merit functions) and add
new algorithm like Bard-type and Murty's rule.
* new AVI solver based on the work by Cao & Ferris. It is also used to
solve Relay problem
* new solver for box VI based on a merit function.
* add a callback mechanism to gather solver informations.

* unify Relation API + rework computeh and computeg such that they
have no hidden side-effect
* First Order Relations are now stateless
* Fix newton-loop for First Order Systems + relations. The fully
non-linear case is now supported
* translation of siconos script in Python to improve portability.
* Removal of XML-related code

* add the possibility of multiples contactors (bullet collision
objects) for one Newton Euler dynamical system.
* add the possibility of multiples nslaws between collision groups.
* BulletDS : inertia matrix may be modified by the user.

* The bindings can now be build with python3
* numpy.i was updated
* New XML input feature: based on an XML description a Model can be
instantiated using python
* support C++11
* Improvements of Mechanics/ContactDetection/Bullet/IO (cf Examples)

Some statistics:

git diff --shortstat origin/3.6.1..3.7.0
1199 files changed, 587700 insertions(+), 335097 deletions(-)

As usual, your feedback comments are welcome.

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