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Forum: Kadeploy 3.2.0 is released

Posted by: Luc Sarzyniec
Date: 2014-03-24 14:14
Summary: Kadeploy 3.2.0 is released
Project: Kadeploy3


We are pleased to announce a new release of Kadeploy3.

Here is the changelog:
== User interface ==
* Environments files in old description format are no longer supported
A migration script is available in addons/kaenv_migration
(see doc sec/4.2.4, Environment description)
* It's now possible to export files to the server a secured way
(see doc sec/4.2.2)
* Environment's demolishing tag related commands now refers to destructive tag

== REST API ==
* It's now possible to interact with the server using a REST API (see the Network API documentation)

== Deployement environment generation scripts ==
* The ssh key addons/ssh/id_deploy is not copied on deployment kernel anymore,
it's recommanded to use the ssh agent for ssh communications

== Internals ==
* Client/Server interactions are now performed using a REST API instead of DRb
(see doc sec/5)
* The kadeploy service now run an HTTP server: ruby/Webrick (see doc sec/5.1.4)
* kadeploy3d launcher has be rewritten in ruby, new options available
(see doc sec/4.2.1)
* Clients has been rewritten in single-file ruby scripts
* The debian packaging has been reworked to fit with the standards
* It's now possible to use the Kascade software to send the environment
(see doc sec/2.4 and addons/kascade/README)

!! Changes in configuration files !!
* General configuration (doc sec/2.1)
- The general configuration file is now named server.conf
- An authentication method for administrators has to be providden
- The server can be launched in secure mode using a custom certificate/key
- Clients can be forced to export files in secure mode
- You can now specify a log file and a debug file, no more syslog
- It's now possible to specify options for tarballs manipulations
- End of deployment/reboot/power hooks are now specified in the field 'hooks'
- It's now possible to specify a threshold for the autoclean loop
* Clusters configuration (doc sec/2.3)
- The clusters configuration file is now named clusters.conf
* Command configuration (doc sec/2.7)
- The command configuration file is now named command.conf
* Cluster specific configuration (doc sec/2.4)
- It's now possible to specify Kascade as BroadcastEnv method
* Client configuration file (doc sec/3)
- The client configuration file is now named client.conf
- The connection to a specific server can be secure or not

!! Database update !!
* The Kadeploy3 database have to be updated with the script db/update-3.2.sql
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