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Forum: SimGrid v3.10 released

Posted by: Arnaud Giersch
Date: 2013-12-02 09:03
Summary: SimGrid v3.10 released
Project: SimGrid


We are pleased to announce the release of SimGrid version 3.10. You can
retrieve it from there:

==== NEWS for SimGrid 3.10 ====

The Clean Diaper Release, a.k.a. SimGrid is leak-free.

* Preliminary DVFS support to track the energy consumption
* Java is back in the main package (and is very stable).
* The storage sub-modules is now believed to be usable.
* SMPI is now very stable (we pass most MPICH tests).
* Lots of memory leaks were corrected in this release.
* Verification and model checking further improved:
liveness+SMPI works; reduction through state equality detection
Plus the usual load of bug fixes and small improvements
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