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Forum: Javalib 2.3, Sawja 1.5 and Nit 0.6 are out!

Posted by: Pierre Vittet
Date: 2013-11-06 10:08
Summary: Javalib 2.3, Sawja 1.5 and Nit 0.6 are out!
Project: Javalib & Sawja


Javalib release mainly provides modules to build easily Map and Set of
generic type simply by specifying a hash function.

The major new feature of Sawja is the ability to generate and use initial
dumps representing the heap at the initialization of the virtual machine
(before execution of the analyzed program). It can be used by various analysis
to provide more accurate results. Subtyping functionality has also been added.

We now start providing directly usable analysis which can be easily tried and
used. The first of theses analyses is Nit (Nullability Inference Tool). It aims
at proving that the program is null pointer safe. It has been initially
developed by Laurent Hubert in 2008-2009. We have rewritten it in order to use
the new features of Sawja (especially it benefits from the jBir internal

Moreover, it is now very easy to install these three programs as they can be
obtained through OPAM packages.

You can get more information on the website : http://sawja.inria.fr/.
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