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Forum: Kadeploy 3.1.7 is released

Posted by: Luc Sarzyniec
Date: 2013-07-03 11:30
Summary: Kadeploy 3.1.7 is released
Project: Kadeploy3


We are pleased to announce a new release of Kadeploy3.

Here is the changelog:
== User interface ==
* Environments description files are now written in YAML
A migration script is available in addons/kaenv_migration
(see doc sec/4.2.4, Environment description)
* It is now possible to deploy multi-partitioned FSArchiver images
(see doc sec/4.7)
* Kastat now have an option only to display statistics of the last deployment
* It is now possible to deploy XZ-compressed images

== Internals ==
* Partitioning operation is now performed with an administrator-providen script
(see doc sec/2.6)
* Bootloader install is now performed with an administrator-providen script
(see doc sec/2.5)
* Deployment of multi-partitioned environments (see doc sec/4.7)
* Handle of GrubPXE disks as PXE boot method (see doc sec/2.2)
* PXE profiles handling is now customizable (see doc sec/2.1,2.2)
- Each kind of reboot (local, network, user) can be made using a different
boot method (PXElinux, iPXE, GrubPXE, ...)
- The directory containing the profile is customizable
- The way to generate the filename of profiles is customizable
* Filesystems suported by the deployment environment are now explicit in the
configuration so the deployment process can be modified if the filesystem
of the deployed environment is or isn't known by the deployment environment
(see doc sec/2.4,2.4.2)
* Rewritten caching system, no more 1-hour lock on the cached files

!! Changes in configuration files !!
* General configuration (doc sec/2.1)
- The way to specify PXE configuration has changed
* Cluster specific configuration (doc sec/2.3)
- A script have to be specified for the partitioning operations
- A script have to be specified for the bootloader install
- The 'kernels' field has been moved to 'boot/kernels'
- A specific PXE header can be specified for each kind of reboot
- The string \n is no more replaced by a new line in PXE headers
(use YAML notation for multi-line headers)
- A list of supported filesystems have to be given for the deployment env.
* Clusters configuration file (doc sec/2.2)
- The fields concerning the partition maps have been removed, this
functionality is no more supported
* Changes in the partitioning maps (doc sec/2.4)
- Partition maps are not needed anymore

!! Database update !!
* The Kadeploy3 database have to be updated with the script db/update-3.1.7.sql
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