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Forum: Kadeploy 3.1.6 is released

Posted by: Luc Sarzyniec
Date: 2013-04-17 13:23
Summary: Kadeploy 3.1.6 is released
Project: Kadeploy3


We are pleased to announce a new release of Kadeploy3.

Here is the changelog:
== User interface ==
* The CLI display has been modified to look more clear
* Get the status of the deploying nodes by pressing the <ENTER> key
* Use variables in custom PXE profiles (see doc sec/4.2.2, Use Case 6)
* Create custom microsteps before, after or instead of an existing one
(see doc sec/4.2.2, Use Case 10)
* Deploy directly on a block device with a DD image of the entire disk
(see doc sec/4.2.2, Use Case 11)
* The demolishing_env field of environments descriptions is now a boolean
(see doc sec/4.2.4, Environment description)
* A lot of variables are now exported by Kadeploy when running scripts
(see doc sec/4.5)

== Internals ==
* New automata to handle deployments workflow:
- Specify timeouts and retries on automata's microsteps (see doc sec/2.3.2)
- Improved deployment process for DD images
- Create custom microsteps before, after or instead of an existing one
(see doc sec/2.3.2, Custom operations)
- Kexec is now available at the first reboot (SetDeploymentEnv macro-step)
(see doc sec/2.3.2, The automata macro-steps)
* Parallel commands execution:
- New TakTuk wrapper
- Execution of system commands
- Better gathering of commands statuses and outputs
* Some other minor changes:
- RC scripts are now saving launch time errors in the syslog
- Doc: Creation of (new) deployment environments (see doc sec/2.6.2)
- Doc: Do a custom partitioning (see doc sec/4.7)
- Unit test suite
- A lot of bug fixes

!! Changes in configuration files !!
* Cluster specific configuration (doc sec/2.3)
- The fields concerning the demolishing settings (threshold value, ...)
have been removed, this functionality is no more supported
- The fields 'retries' of each macro step description do now have the right
behavior, it specifies the number of retries instead of the number of tries
* Clusters configuration file (doc sec/2.2)
- For display purposes, a prefix can be associated to each cluster
* Changes in the partitioning maps (doc sec/2.4)
- You can now specify parted maps (instead of parted scripts)
- In your maps you can use several PARTTYPE<N> instead of a single one
* Pre/post install files:
- Kadeploy exports more variables when running scripts (see doc sec/4.5)
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