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Forum: ViSP 2.7.0 is out

Posted by: Fabien Spindler
Date: 2013-02-12 21:03
Summary: ViSP 2.7.0 is out
Project: ViSP


I'm pleased to announce the new ViSP-2.7.0 release under the terms of the GNU GPLv2 licence.

This version includes the following changes:

New features
- New vpViper650 and vpRobotViper650 classes to interface
Inria's new Adept Viper s650 robot.
- New robot simulators; vpSimulatorCamera,
vpSimulatorPioneer, vpSimulatorPioneerPan
- New model-based tracker using KLT points: vpMbKltTracker.
- New hybrid model-based tracker using moving edges and
KLT points: vpMbEdgeKltTracker

- Add visp-config.1 man page.
- To respect Debian guidelines, remove duplicate ABI version.
Library name was set to libvisp.a or libvisp.so.2.7.0 rather
than libvisp-2.a or libvisp-2.so.2.7.0
- Fix typos detected by lintian
- Add support for multiarch. Multiarch is the ability for a
library to be installed concurrently for differents
architectures (such as i386 and amd64 for instance). In
practice, the changes removes the assumption made that
libraries are installed in $INSTALL_PREFIX/lib and
binaries in $INSTALL_PREFIX/bin.
- In vp1394TwoGrabber that allows to grab images from
firewire cameras, cameras are powered off when the
grabber is closed.
- MinGW is now supported but since MinGW currently doesn't
support tls __declspec(thread) with vpDisplayGDI it is
possible to open only one display.
- To better organise the code, robot simulators inherit from
vpRobotSimulator class. Introduction of a new
class as a base class of robot simulated using the wireframe
display capabilities.
- VRML loader (based on Coin3D) now reads transform nodes
and hierarchical scenes.
- If Ogre3D is used, model-based trackers use now
RayCasting to improve faces visibility test.

- New model-based tracker examples to show how to use the
KLT and hybrid tracker. See in example/tracking
mbtEdgeKltTracking.cpp and mbtKltTracking.cpp

Bug fixed
- [14646] ViSP doesn't build on Windows with MinGW
- [14651] Build error arround vpMatrix::pseudoInverse() with
OpenCV 2.1.0
- [14661] Build error when GDI is not detected or turned off
- [14818] Build error when only GTK display device is available
- [14862] Lagrange pose estimation cannot handle planar
objects with points in plane oX=d or oY=d
- [14863] vpPose::poseRansac() can fail during Lagrange pose
- [14993] Segfault in mbtTracker example when only the cube
is tracked
- [15049] In vpFeatureSegment, bad interaction matrix
associated to alpha angle
- [15110] Segfault in ffmpeg video reader
- [15291] Under Windows, the end of an image is not

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