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Forum: Kermeta 2 is released !

Posted by: Didier Vojtisek
Date: 2012-05-30 13:36
Summary: Kermeta 2 is released !
Project: Kermeta


Hi all
At last kermeta 2 is officially available as version 2.0.2. All stable versions will have an even version number, all snapshots will have an odd version number.

As you know, this version is compiled and produces a set of .class that you can embed within a java or scala application.

About the other major changes, you'll mainly notice that the "require" is no longer in the kmt file but in a new kp file that acts as a project definition. This notion is quite important since it drives the way the sources (ecore, kmt, ) and the associated bytecode are reused. Please read http://www.kermeta.org/documents/dev/kermeta2/language_specification/kp

To install Kermeta 2 :
- from eclipse (modelling recommanded but not mandatory)
- then install kermeta 2 using the following update site : http://www.kermeta.org/k2/update/
- optionnally, you can also install maven m2e from eclipse official update site and scala-ide 2.9 from http://download.scala-ide.org/releases-29/stable/site . They can be used in advanced deployment scenario.

To get started :
- file > new > examples > class2rdbms example (for a full project) or file > new > kermeta project (for an HelloWorld project)
- right click on th kp file > run configuration > create a new configuration for the project > run it

Note that Kermeta uses several consoles that provides several kind of informations (default, builder, runner, ...) You can switch between the consoles using a button on top right of the console. You can set le level of the messages in the consoles in the preference.

Do not forget the Eclipse help system or its equivalent on kermeta web site.

We know that this version still contains some bugs and some features that were available in V1.x are still missing. Please help us to identify and prioritize them by providing concrete test cases. We will work hard to make them pass.
The next step will focus on :
- provide more examples and benchmarks
- furrther improve automatic builder speed (currently the checker is still a bit slow, you can control which action is done when you save a file in the preferences)
- improve user assistance (documentation, outline, completion)
- complement the framework if there are any lack in it
- continue modeltype design and implementation

List of changes since the last beta5 : http://bugzilla.inria.fr/buglist.cgi?chfieldto=2012%2F06%2F01&query_format=advanced&chfieldfrom=2012%2F04%2F17&bug_status=RESOLVED&product=Kermeta2

best regards
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