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File Release Notes and Changelog

Release Name: ViSP-2.6.1

Release Notes
ViSP 2.6.1 release
Change Log
ViSP 2.6.1 (released October 20th, 2011)
  - New features
     - Introduction of Lapack support used for the SVD decomposition in vpMatrix
     - Introduction of vpAROgre that enables augmented reality applications 
       based on Ogre 3D. Some examples are provided in examples/ogre-simulator
     - Add cylinder's tracking in the model-based tracker.
     - Reintroduce OpenCV 2.0.0 support lost in ViSP 2.6.0
     - Introduction of vpKinect, a wrapper of libfreenect to support the 
       Kinect device
     - Introduction of vpMoment and vpFeatureMoment classes to be able to 
       consider 2D image moments as visual feature in visual servoing
  - Improvements
     - For firewire cameras framegrabbing with vp1394TwoGrabber, it is now
       possible to select a specific camera with its GUID by using setCamera()
     - All the specific Xml parser (vpMbtXmlParser, vpXmlParserCamera)
       inherit now from vpXmlParser
     - Memory leaks suppression in vpWireFrameSimulator, vpMe, vpXmlParser,
       vpMbtXmlParser, vpXmlParserCamera, vpMbTracker, vpFeatureLuminance, 
       vpRobotSimulator, vpFFMPEG, vpBSpline
     - It is now possible to grab images from an usb webcam with the
       vpV4l2Grabber class that is based on the video 4 linux 2 driver.
     - When it was possible without braking the backward compatibilty 
       std::list was introduced instead of vpList. Some of the functions that 
       use vpList are now deprecated.
     - Better detection of image or video file types when used in vpImageIo,
       vpVideoReader and vpVideoWriter
  - Build
     - Set the build type by default to release
     - Improve the usage of debug versus release third-party libraries
  - Deprecated
     - vpAdaptativeGain is deprecated. Use vpAdaptiveGain instead.
     - vp1394Grabber is deprecated. Use vp1394TwoGrabber instead.
     - Most of the methods that use vpList are deprecated. Use std::list instead
     - vpTwistMatrix deprecated in ViSP-1.6.0 was removed.
  - Examples:
    - New example grabOpenCV-2.cpp to show how to use the OpenCV 
      cv::VideoCapture class. This example shows how to acquire an image
      with cv::VideoCapture, how to transform this image in ViSP format 
      and how to display it.
    - New examples to illustrate the usage of the Ogre simulator through 
      vpAROgre class.
    - New example to illustrate the usage of the Kinect through 
      vpKinect class.
    - New examples to illustrate the usage of 2D image moments.
  - Bug fixed
     - [11110] On OSX vpDisplayOpenCV does not display images since OpenCV 2.1.0
     - [11147] Coin not installed, cannot read VRML files
     - [11473] vpImageTools::flip() come out error when deal with vpImage
       with vpRGBa type
     - [11529] ViSP / OpenCV(2.2.0) incompatibility
     - [11563] segfault in vpVideoReader
     - [11617] selecting a subset of features is not taken into account in 
     - [11916] Build issues with GTK2 on ubuntu 10.10 (fatal error:
     - [11924] svdNr fails on some matrices where svdGsl succeeds
     - [11942] Build issues with GSL on OSX due to 32/64 bits architecture
     - [11943] Build issues with libjpeg on OSX due to 32/64 bits architecture
     - [11944] Build issues with libpng on OSX due to 32/64 bits architecture
     - [11981] vpV4l2Grabber class based on video 4 linux 2 is not able to
       grab images from an usb webcam
     - [12329] Bad font problem when opening vpPlot example
     - [12334] Under windows, link errors when some 3rd party libs are not
       build in the same build configuration as ViSP 
     - [12499] servoSimu4Points: World point disposition does not match camera
     - [12591] Seg fault when using setCleanPreviousImage() from 
     - [12739] Problem initialising a vpMeEllipse
     - [13014] Bug in vpCalibration::calibVVSMulti() jacobian
     - [13015] vpFFMPEG compatibility issue with ffmpeg-0.8 release
     - [13449] "LIBJPEG_BUILD_TEST - Failed" message in CMake for Visual 2010
     - [13467] CreateWindow windows API does not correctly register class.